Zeroscaping / Xeriscaping

Zeroscaping / Xeriscaping

Xeriscaping or Zeroscaping is a method of landscaping and gardening that reduces the need for supplemental watering. This method is widely used in our region do to our climate and local regulatory water restrictions.

Our landscape architecture uses irrigation systems, regional vegetation, hardscapes and lighting to achieve a garden design that is beautiful and functional without excessive watering or maintenance. The introduction of waterscapes or water features can actually increase an outdoor living areas beauty and sense of balance without using additional water resources.

Hiring Xeriscaping Experts

A lot of landscape contractors in Northern Nevada offer comprehensive landscaping services but only a few firms can handle xeriscaping projects. This area of landscape design and development requires expertise because of the meticulous approach in creating the design plan. Zeroscaping or xeriscaping is not only about minimizing the use of softscapes in the landscape. It is more focused on the intelligent use of landscape elements and features. And here at Enterprise Landscaping Inc., we have seasoned landscapers with extensive experience in xeriscaping. Their portfolio includes some of the stunning xeriscaped landscapes in Reno, Carson City, Lake Tahoe, and surrounding areas. Our clients from these areas are now enjoying a well-designed landscape that is not only easy to maintain but also eco-friendly and sustainable. If you also want a one-of-a-kind landscape that requires minimal irrigation and maintenance, please call us right now.

Our landscape designers can help reduce your monthly water consumption up to 50% and lower your maintenance cost by using native plantings and eco-friendly materials. We will also install waterscapes, hardscapes, and other landscape features that are not water-dependent. We may also use other landscaping styles or themes that help conserve water. One of our favorites is the Japanese-inspired Zen garden. We can create miniature gardens using rocks, gravel, water features, pruned trees and bushes, and moss. If you still want a lawn area but worried about the irrigation cost, go for synthetic grass. You can have a virtually maintenance-free lawn that you can use for outdoor activities and family bonding. The use of permeable pavers is also becoming a popular option among homeowners and contractors. This will not only reduce your water needs but also create new functional outdoor living spaces. Xeriscaping is a complex concept so it is better handled by well-experienced landscapers like us.

We Create Stunning Xeriscaped Landscapes

Creating a xeriscaped landscape is not an easy task for inexperienced landscapers so don't settle for a company that doesn't specialize in this field. If possible, ask for some samples of their completed zeroscaping projects. This way you can assess the contractor's competency and design skills. And since you are in our website, please browse our portfolio to see some of our outstanding projects. Our people know how to create stunning xeriscaped landscapes for residential and commercial properties. They will not compromise the functionality and beauty of your outdoors just to save water. Just let us know if you have other questions about our xeriscaping services.

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Zeroscaping / Xeriscaping
3d Rendering of Xeriscaping Zeroscaping
Zeroscaping / Xeriscaping
Client Zeroscaping Xeriscaping