Perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of landscape design is lighting. Often, people think of landscaping as something you enjoy only during the daylight hours. In fact, landscape lighting is an important part of creating a complete landscape picture.

Proper use of lighting not only ads functionality but creates ambiance. Actual time spent enjoying an outdoor living area can be greatly increased and yard designs come to life in an entirely different dimension. Contact Enterprise Landscaping today to see how landscape lighting can impact your yards beauty, functionality and curb appeal.

We specialize in:

  • LED Lights
  • Low Voltage Lighting
  • Solar Lights
  • Solid Copper Lighting
  • Decorative Brass lighting
  • Safety Lighting

Beautiful Outdoor Lighting by
Enterprise Landscaping, Reno, Nevada
Outdoor Feature Lighting and Highlights

Landscape Lighting Design by Professionals

Enterprise Landscaping Inc. employs landscape lighting professionals with formal training and certifications. They have extensive experience in this field making them highly qualified for all kinds of landscape lighting projects. In fact, some of the amazing lighting setups in residential and commercial properties in Reno, Lake Tahoe, and Carson City are the handiworks of our people. Our lighting designs are customized based on our client's needs, lifestyle, budget, and preferences. We've been providing this kind of service to all of our clients from Northern Nevada and surrounding areas. If you also want a landscape lighting that will highlight the beauty and functionality of your outdoor space during nighttime, please call us right now. Our seasoned professionals are always ready to help you realize your dream landscape ambiance at night.

Our landscape lighting professionals will use different lighting techniques and methods to achieve your desired theme or ambiance. For example, we may use downlights to illuminate important areas in your landscape and recessed lighting for your garden steps, pathways and driveways. We will highlight the beauty of your water features by installing underwater lighting and other types of lights around the pool, waterfall, or fountain. Other lighting techniques that we may use include silhouetting, moonlighting, wall grazing, and uplighting. With these techniques, we can create themed lighting setups that easily transform dull landscapes into enchanting spots.

Lighting Installation Experts in NV

There are a lot of landscape lighting contractors in Nevada that offer comprehensive installation packages. However, not all contractors can provide the same level of service that we offer here at Enterprise Landscaping Inc. We always give our clients the best service possible regardless of the size or complexity of the project. We never compromise the quality of our work or use substandard products just to earn more dollars. When you hire us, you will be dealing with certified professionals whose primary aim is to create excellent lighting setups for our clients. Every stage of the installation process is quality-checked by a technician to ensure that it conforms to industry standards and project specifications. We also use leading brands that are proven durable, stylish, and long-lasting. Since we are also concerned about your monthly energy bill, we highly recommend energy-efficient lighting products such as low-voltage lighting and LED lights. Using solar lighting on your property is also a great idea. You will not only reduce your monthly energy consumption and maintenance cost but also help protect the environment.

Let Enterprise Landscaping handle the design, installation, and maintenance of your landscape lighting. With us, you are guaranteed of topnotch workmanship, durable products, low-maintenance lighting setups, and beautiful landscape setting at affordable cost. Dial our hotline now.