A properly designed irrigation/sprinkler system addresses the different watering requirements of various plants and specific garden types on your property. Additionally, the experts at Enterprise Landscaping can help reduce waste and eliminate over watering.

After discussing your irrigation needs and concerns, Enterprise Landscaping will design the appropriate irrigation system for your project. Our professional installation will ensure optimum system performance, reliability and durability.

We address:

  • Appropriate meter sizing
  • Water pressure
  • Determine proper valves, water lines and coverage
  • Zone watering
  • Backflow issues
  • Water management

Highly-efficient Landscape Irrigation System

Our past clients from Reno, Lake Tahoe, Carson City, and nearby areas commend us for our highly-efficient landscape irrigation system designs. They are now enjoying the benefits of having a professionally designed and installed watering system that is not only reliable but also water-efficient. The system that we design and recommend can easily turn a dying lawn into a lush and attractive outdoor space. Your plantings will also get their needed nourishment at the right time and frequency. Our people will make sure that all softscape elements in your landscape will not be deprived of water. Our carefully designed watering system will address the specific water requirements of each planting. For example, the sprinkler setup will be based on the type of grass installed on your lawn. We will setup a different kind of watering system for other types of plantings such as groundcovers, annuals, perennials, and trees. We typically recommend drip irrigation for these plantings because of its many benefits. This system uses dripping valves or micro-spray heads that deliver water to the plant's root system. Since it prevents water evaporation and run-off, your water consumption will be dramatically reduced.

Enterprise Landscaping Inc. is always updated on the latest developments in the irrigation industry. We use modern technologies that are proven efficient in conserving water. Among the systems that we offer to our clients is the automated irrigation system. Since the watering is done in a set-and-forget manner, you can now focus on more important tasks in your home or office. Our automated system is a bit expensive to install compared to traditional irrigation but it offers outstanding benefits that you will surely like and enjoy.

We Use Topnotch Irrigation Products

The primary objective of Enterprise Landscaping Inc. is to provide our clients with water-efficient irrigation systems that are also long-lasting. We can provide this kind of service because of our long-standing partnerships with leading irrigation manufacturers in the country. From pipes and valves to spray heads and emitters, we can get the best quality and brand. Among the top brands that we highly recommend are Rain Bird, Toro, and Hunter. We have tried and tested their products, so we know how to use them efficiently and accurately. These brands have innovative products and systems that help reduce water consumption. Call us to learn more about the kind of irrigation systems that we can design and install. You may also visit us at Reno, NV to discuss your landscape irrigation project.