Enterprise Landscaping is Northern Nevada’s premier designer and installer of waterscapes. If you are looking for a beautiful focal point in your garden or outdoor living area, we have a water feature that is right for you.

We specialize in:

  • Koi and fish Ponds
  • Ecosystem ponds
  • Pond-less waterfalls (disappearing streams)
  • Water fountains
  • Water falls

Using natural and native materials, we are able to create amazing ambiance for your landscape area. Traditional landscaping appeal to our nose and eyes, Waterscapes appeal to another sense: our ears. The simple sound of our waterscapes offers tranquility and relaxation to the owner.

Our systems are self-contained, low maintenance and require little in additional water usage.

Virtual Drawing / 3D Rendering
Actual Pondless waterfeature for client

Our Custom-designed Waterscapes

Your water features will be custom-designed to suit your needs and desired outdoor ambiance. We start the design process by discussing with you the most appropriate water amenities for your property. We will also discuss the benefits of each water element when installed in strategic spots in your landscape. Our custom-designed waterscapes are great stress relievers and perfect for those who want to improve the aesthetic appeal of their outdoor space. Our creative designers have been designing water features for decades so they know the characteristics and functions of all kinds of water elements. They will only suggest features that will suit your needs and the current landscape setup. At Enterprise Landscaping Inc., we only design and install eco-friendly and low-maintenance waterscapes. We always aim for nature-like water amenities so most of the materials we use come from nature such as boulders and rocks. As a well-experienced waterscape contractor, we can build any kind of water feature. We may add a simple pondless waterfall in your landscaping or a more complex setup that combines different types of water elements. Among the popular options that you may choose is the artificial stream connected to a waterfall or pond. Your pool area will also look gorgeous if you will add waterfalls and fountains. We will install some underwater lighting to highlight the beauty of these waterscapes. Another excellent option for your waterscaping project is to add a koi pond near your pool or install a creatively designed wall waterfall in any of your outdoor living amenities.

Affordable Waterscaping Services in Northern Nevada

Most property owners consider waterscaping as a major project which requires a huge budget. Some people also think that water features are expensive to maintain. If these are the factors that hinder your outdoor improvement project, please talk to us soon. Experienced contractors like us know how to make these features water-efficient and easy to maintain. Our creations will actually help you conserve water because of the innovative techniques that we use. For example, our pondless waterfall is one of the most water-efficient features that you could have in your landscape.

Enterprise Landscaping Inc. is the choice of many local homeowners in Northern Nevada. Our clients are now enjoying the many benefits of having professionally designed water amenities in their backyard. We make sure that our clients are completely satisfied with how we design and install their chosen waterscapes. To get more information about our affordable waterscaping services, please browse our portfolio or dial our hotline today.